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Soothing mud mask for sensitive skin

Soothing mud mask for sensitive skin

Some people have been put off using mud masks because of poor experiences in the past that have left them with dry, irritated skin afterwards.

By choosing the right ingredients, it’s possible not only not to irritate sensitive skin, but even to help relieve any sensitivity. It’s important to use a very mild clay, such as the White Clay used here. This will cleanse the skin as gently as possible, while the lavender and chamomile flowers provide a natural but mild anti-bacterial benefit. Continue Reading

How to treat dry skin with a mud mask
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Treat dry skin with a mud mask

Dry skin occurs when the skin is generating too little of a substance called sebum. This is a naturally occurring oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin and has a vital role in keeping the skin and hair moisturized.

If too little sebum is produced, the skin will be noticeably dry and even flaky. The type of mud mask that you want to use in this instance is one that will not draw any oils or moisture from the skin. Continue Reading

Woman wearing a deep cleansing mud mask

Deep cleansing mud mask

If you work in the city and have to deal with the daily grind of a commute amid all the pollution that cars, buses and trucks throw out into the atmosphere, you’ll know the feeling when you get home. You just feel dirty, as if all the muck in the city air has ground its way into your skin and clogged you up.

There’s nothing as effective as a mud mask for helping to clear out all that gunk and leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Continue Reading