About How To Make A Mud Mask

About How To Make A Mud Mask

How To Make A Mud Mask is a site dedicated to educating and advancing your knowledge on all things mud mask – their history, what should go into them, different advice for different skin types and, most importantly, about how to make a mud mask of your very own from the comfort of home.

When it comes to beauty products, we’ve all been in the same situation before; unsure of what store products you can trust, and what has actually gone into them. With our site you can guarantee that our easy to follow step-by-step guides are the most straightforward way to give you peace of mind over what you’re actually rubbing on your skin.

A little about the store

In our posts and store, we participate in the Amazon Affiliates Scheme. This means that we can earn commission on sales if someone purchases something on Amazon.com (or its international sites) after clicking through a link on our site.

Why do we run an affiliate scheme? Simple. Running a website can be expensive and it helps us to defray those costs. However, it in no way influences our opinion of a particular product or encourages us to write a good review of a mudmask product that’s clearly not up to scratch. That’d be counter-productive for all of us.

Help us build a better site

If you spot any errors or issues with the site, please let us know and we’ll do our best to correct them. If the error is in official information released by the manufacturer, we’ll make every effort to clarify things with them. Either way, let us know and we’ll try to sort things out. You can do so by contacting us directly on the site, or over on our Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by – and we hope that How To Make A Mud Mask proves useful to you!


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