10 things to do while wearing a mud mask

Unless you’re supremely relaxed about how you look, while a mud mask is working its mojo magic on your skin, it’s very much an inside job.

They may do a fine job cleaning your pores and enriching your skin with precious nutrients, but let’s be honest, you’re going to look ridiculous on the high street, quite distracting in court if  you’re a lawyer, and a potential germ source if you’re operating on someone – not to mention the potential of scaring small children in the street.

So, while you’re enjoying the whole mud mask experience, you’re going to be confined to barracks, wearing a quite frightful false face of a traditionally reprehensible colour.

But don’t despair. There are plenty of things to do. Several birds could be slaughtered with the one stone. Sit back, relax, and sample our 10 things to do while wearing a mud mask.


1. Spring clean your handbag

That bulging sack in the corner contains your whole life, but how will it look when you’re out tonight? You’ve gone to all this effort to impress, but the only other sack that packed is Santa’s and you’re dragging it around like an old relationship. Get it streamlined, throw out all those receipts, gum wrappers, bus tickets and only put it in what you need.


2. Read

That book’s been sitting on the shelf for longer than your degree parchment, gathering dust and generally reminding you that it hasn’t been touched since the day and hour it was brought back from the shop. Worse, your electronic reader has a pile of must-get-round-to-them reads that you’ve forgotten about. Put your feet up and get your head stuck in a story. When was the last time you listened to some music? Treat yourself, girl, turn that volume up LOUD.


3. Continue your beauty regime

There’s no point waiting until the last minute to get completely up to date. This is ‘me’ time, so break out the fragrant Yankee Candles and indulge yourself with a long, luxurious bath. Don’t skimp on the bottles, throw in heaps of your favourite bath bombs too. Chop up that cucumber and give your eyes some TLC, or – gulp – break out the wax strips.


4. Hit the Internet

Get the shopping done and delivered, check out the latest events in your area and any last-minute surprise deals that are going on, or any courses that might hold your attention. Your friends may be on social media while at work. Hop on and catch up on all the gossip that’s fit to print.


5. Nails experiments

Go on, go wild with nail colours. You may have a black one that you haven’t used since your days as a teenage goth. Go black and white, throw in a little red, surprise yourself.


6. Pick up the phone

Yes, that weird-looking thing in the hallway, that young people walk past. Great Aunt Tilly/ your mother has been asking you to ring her for ages. These people care about you. Lift up the phone and settle back for a good natter. Just stay away from FaceTime – you don’t want to frighten anyone.


7. Stage a raid on the fridge

Go on, have fun creating wild and wacky recipes with whatever’s left in the fridge that hasn’t gone blue. Be aware, though, that there is NO circumstance where salad cream will go well with a fruit salad – though you may have invented your own face mask.


8. Solve a mystery

Somewhere on a TV channel near you, Colombo has one more question, and yet another old friend of Jessica Fletcher’s has dropped dead in mysterious circumstances near her on Murder, She Wrote. Put your feet up and pin the murder on someone before she does.  


9. Book a Holiday

The summer might SEEM ages away, but give yourself something to look forward to. Either book a spot on the beach or do something different for once and take in a more physical holiday.


10. Chores

Yes, we’ve tried to make this as light-hearted and as fun as we possibly could. But there’s no getting around it, there’s dust under the sofa, the dishes are developing their own ecosystems and the rats are organising an official complaint to Amnesty. On the plus side, if you do the chores now, then that is them done.



One thing not mentioned is that you can have your hair curled whilst having a face mask. The best curling tongs will have variable temperature function that allows the curling tongs to be used safely whilst your having the face mask applied.

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