Reasons to make your own mud mask

9 great reasons to make your own mud mask

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun. We’re sold on the benefits of making a mud mask at home, but some people need more convincing. After all, isn’t it a hassle having to get all the ingredients together and clean up afterwards? Isn’t it just easier to open a store-bought mud mask?

Well, convenience isn’t everything, and we’re absolutely certain that once you try making your own mud mask at home, you’ll be sold on the idea too. Here are nine great reasons why homemade mud masks are the way to go!

1. Cost

You’ve got two options with store-bought masks – cheap or expensive. When you’re applying this stuff to your face, you really don’t want to go down the cheap route, so you end up with the expensive jars. And they can be really expensive. By making your own mask, you can get the same great results for a fraction of the cost. Mud masks shouldn’t be an occasional indulgence – and by making your own at a reasonable price, they don’t have to be.


2. Confidence

When you make your mud mask from scratch, you know exactly what you’re putting in it. There’ll be no harsh chemicals or things you’ve never heard of, just great, natural ingredients. This is particularly important if you know you suffer from any allergies. You don’t have to worry about checking the ingredient list on the jar to make sure they haven’t sneaked in something that’s going to make you swell up!


3. Relaxation

Mixing the ingredients for your mask kick-starts the whole relaxation process and gets you in the right frame of mind. It becomes part of the experience and helps you unwind and prepare for the mud mask session ahead. Yes, making the mask takes time, but it’s quality time and part of the process. Embrace it.


4. Experiment

You’re the boss – you can do whatever you want! Once you gain a little confidence in what you like and what works well, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can put together. Have two favorite recipes? Combine the ingredients and see how you get on! The cost is so low that you can experiment in a way that you can’t with store-bought products.


5. Shared experience

Lots of people already putting on a mud mask with a friend or family member. That kind of shared experience is multiplied many times by actually making the mud mask together. Plus you can tweak the final recipe a little if you’ve got different preferences rather than having to buy two completely different masks.


6. Re-use your favorite ingredients

Love lavender? Then feel free to use it in every mask that you make! But you can alter the other ingredients easily to give you a different experience while still retaining the smell that you love. Much easier and cheaper than having to buy a range of different lavender-based products.


7. Variety

If you’re bored easily, then there’s nothing worse than having to work your way through a big jar of something before you feel you’re allowed to buy something new. By making your own mask, you can change things up any time you like without feeling guilty that you’re wasting money!


8. Sense of achievement

We all like that feeling of pride when we’ve made something, even if it’s something as simple as a mud mask. Putting on a homemade mud mask simply feels a lot better because you know you didn’t buy it in a store.


9. It’s fun!

Above all else, making a mud mask is fun! You get to mix things up and make a bit of a mess. It’s like being a kid again. A kid with great-looking skin!


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