When to stop using a mud mask

When to stop using a mud mask

Reluctant though we are to say, it is possible to have too much of a good thing (well, except Champagne, perhaps!), and mud masks are no exception.

In general, we’d advise only using a mud mask at most twice a week, and less if you’re using one of the deep-cleansing variety. If you feel your skin is tender or irritated at all after using a mask too often, give yourself a break and take a little time before you use it again.

However, it’s possible that some people will react badly to a mask on its very first application. You should never feel like a mask is burning your face. A tingling feeling is fine, even nice. But any more than that may reveal that you’ve got a problem.

If you feel any burning or discomfiture, wash the mask off immediately.

There are a few possibilities to run through to discover as to what’s causing the bad reaction.

The simplest is just that you’ve got particularly sensitive skin and one or more of the ingredients is irritating it. Sometimes there is an obvious candidate such as mint in a recipe. For some people, the mint produces a lovely tingly sensation, while for others the reaction is more severe. If there’s something in the recipe that you think may be causing the irritation, perhaps substitute a different ingredient. Or try a different mask entirely, such as our Soothing Mask for Sensitive Skin.

Often, it can be trial and error to find out which ingredient you’re allergic to

Another possibility is that you’re actually allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Often, it can be trial and error to find out which ingredient you’re allergic to. You could conduct your own little experiment by rubbing small samples of the various ingredients into the skin inside your wrist and seeing if one in particular causes your skin to flare up. If you manage to identify it this way, you’ve gained some really useful information and can make sure to avoid that particular ingredient in the future.

If you know that you’ve had bad reactions to skincare products in the past, it’s a good idea to test the mud mask on a small area of skin before applying it to your whole face. Again, the skin inside your wrist is ideal as it’s quite sensitive. If you don’t get a reaction on your wrist, the chances are that your face will be fine too.


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