Soothing mud mask for sensitive skin

Soothing mud mask for sensitive skin

Some people have been put off using mud masks because of poor experiences in the past that have left them with dry, irritated skin afterwards.

By choosing the right ingredients, it’s possible not only not to irritate sensitive skin, but even to help relieve any sensitivity. It’s important to use a very mild clay, such as the White Clay used here. This will cleanse the skin as gently as possible, while the lavender and chamomile flowers provide a natural but mild anti-bacterial benefit.

Chamomile and lavender are a vital part of this soothing mud mask for sensitive skin

Chamomile and lavender flowers, ready to grind up

Because it’s a gentle, soothing mud mask, it’s particularly suitable for children. If you use mud masks regularly, it’s a good idea to use this one every once in a while as an alternative to your usual mask.

And, of course, with that lovely lavender and chamomile as a vital part of the recipe, it smells absolutely fantastic.

This recipe makes plenty for two (or even three) applications. Just pop it in an airtight container and leave it in the fridge. You might want to warm it gently before using it after it’s been in the fridge for a while.

For that special spa feeling, you can add a couple of slices of cucumber to refresh your tired eyelids, as in the photo above.


Soothing mud mask for sensitive skin

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  • Grind up the oatmeal with the lavender and chamomile flowers until they are in powder form.
  • Add the wetting agent gradually and mix to form a past of the desired consistency. (If using honey, you may want to warm it slightly to make it easier to deal with.
Soothing mud mask for sensitive skin

The finished soothing mud mask. Be careful not to add too much wetting agent

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