What is Dead Sea mud?

What is Dead Sea mud?

Everyone’s heard of it, but what is Dead Sea mud? What are its benefits? Is it better than other mud masks?

Dead Sea mud is black and comes from the banks of the Dead Sea, a giant salt lake flanked by Israel. It contains a high concentration of magnesium, sodium, phosphates, bromides and many, many other minerals, some of which are also known to improve heart and lung conditions.

For thousands of years, the mud from the banks of the Dead Sea has been used for its health benefits. Cleopatra herself was known to bathe in the Dead Sea in order to reap the benefits of the mud’s many minerals.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea’s therapeutic properties have been known for thousands of years

The mud helps with many ailments, one of which is osteoarthritic pain. The minerals in the mud reduce inflammation and pains in bone joints. It also stimulates the circulatory system and allows your nerves to loosen up.

Dead Sea mud is also very helpful in dealing with a range of skin conditions. It contains zinc, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, sodium, bromide and calcium – all of which detoxify skin cells and cleanse skin tissue, making it an excellent remedy for acne. Eczema and psoriasis also benefit from the minerals in Dead Sea mud, which lessens swelling and inflammation, reduces itching, balances skin moisture and toughens the skins natural protection system.

With regards to aging, Dead Sea mud minimizes pores and enhances skin elasticity, thus preventing wrinkles. It also removes the toxins stored in skin cells and is  a great exfoliator. It can also help to restore the pH balance in your skin.

Dead Sea mud improves your body’s oxygen flow and allows nutrients to circulate through the layers of your skin. It also alleviates pain and stimulates cell production. The mud removes dead skin cells by pulling out toxins from deep in the layers of the skin. As well as this, the mud stimulates blood circulation.

Ahaha Dead Sea mud

Dead Sea mud can be used on its own or as the basis of a recipe

With regards to hair loss, the mud from the Dead Sea is a wonderful remedy for scalp infections. Dead Sea mud can also help those going through chemotherapy as it helps nutrients assimilate into skin cells. It relaxes your muscles, alleviates pain and provides relief to the areas of the body affected by cancer.

Dead Sea mud masks tend to be more expensive than other mud masks. This is because many believe that Dead Sea mud masks provide increased benefits to the skin than other mud masks. Dead Sea mud masks penetrate deeper into the skin than other masks. They also selectively absorb dirt and oil without stripping your skin of moisture. 12 of the minerals out of the 21 minerals the mud contains can only be found in the Dead Sea.

Unlike many other masks, Dead Sea mud masks can be used on any type of skin, whether it is oily, dry or combination. With Dead Sea mud masks, you get so many benefits from just one mask, whereas with other mud masks, you may need to use several different ones for their different benefits.


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