Mud masks for different skin conditions

What mud mask should I use for different skin conditions?

Mud is a wonderfully versatile cleansing agent, but if you’ve got a particular skin condition, then one type of mud may be more suitable than another. Here are our recommended muds to treat different conditions.

Remember the golden rule, though: if it’s your first time using a certain recipe or store-bought product, try a small amount first in case you have a reaction to it. Better to get a tiny rash in an unobtrusive location than to turn your entire face beetroot red!


Oily skin

Oily skin produces excess sebum which clogs pores, leading to blackheads and acne. Fortunately, oily skin can be treated with most mud and clay masks as they all tend to balance the skin’s moisture content. Pink fresh clay is great for removing oil while restoring your skin’s moisture content. Try out our pink clay recipe for oily skin.

Kaolin clay (also known as bentonite clay) is known for its ability to absorb oil and also has anti-microbial properties which make it great for treating oily skin and acne.

French green clay is very efficient at drawing oils and toxins out of the skin. It is an anti-inflammatory and rich in minerals and nutrients. However, it is not recommended for dry or sensitive skin.

Brown clays tend to be good for oily skin. Fuller’s Earth clay is an example of brown clay that is very beneficial to oily skin. Fuller’s Earth clay is found in cat litter and interestingly, there are mud mask recipes where cat litter is the main ingredient!



Green and white clay are the best clays to make masks from if you suffer from acne.

Mixing green clay with yogurt and rose water is a great ant-acne mask for oily skin, whereas for dry, acne prone skin, white clay, honey and rosewater is a fantastic remedy. A green clay, tulsi, lemon and yogurt mask can help the appearance of acne scars.

Try out our Anti-acne mud mask recipe.


Dry skin

Rose clay is mild kaolin clay that is great for use on dry skin. It cleanses and exfoliates while also improving the skins circulation.

White kaolin clay is the mildest clay and is also known as China clay or white clay. Similarly to rose clay, it improves skin circulation while also cleansing and exfoliating. It does not draw oil from the skin making it perfect for dry skin.

As a treatment for dry skin, mixing yellow French clay with rose water, milk and honey is perfect for hydrating your face. Yellow kaolin clay exfoliates, cleanses, improves circulation and does not draw excessive oil from the skin.

Our dry skin mud mask recipe contains white clay, honey and glycerine to moisturize the skin.



If you notice your skin ageing, then mixing French green clay with green tea, rose water, lemon and egg white will give your skin back its youthful vitality. Read our recipe for full details.

French pink clay is also a great anti-aging agent.


Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis can be treated with full body mud masks. If you are buying a store bought mud mask to treat such conditions, make sure that it is hypo-allergenic.

Dead Sea mud has been proven to be one of the best cures for both eczema and psoriasis and it is possible to purchase a full body mask made from the substance. We’ve a page going through the various benefits of Dead Sea mud.

Bentonite clay is also good for healing eczema and psoriasis. It is a negatively-charged substance and, ironically, most harmful substances in the body are positively-charged, including the irritants and micro-organisms that cause psoriasis and eczema.

These substances are known to provide immediate relief for the itching and swelling these conditions cause.



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